Welcome to Keller. Where the outstanding come to stand out.

In business, comfort kills careers. Complacency runs rampant. And good is never good enough.

At Keller, our Experiential Learning approach puts the student first, delivering relevant knowledge and priming them to make an impact. Our classrooms are veritable proving grounds for the modern business world – where battle-tested professors challenge students to take risks, think critically and test old assumptions so they can leave transformed and go boldly into the business world.

Don’t come here for a degree to hang on the wall. Come here to knock down the wall.

Come Learn Loud.

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Keller professors are working professionals who leverage their industry experience. They practice what they teach, bringing powerful and timely business insights into the classroom enabling students to quickly add value in their current roles and preparing them for what comes after.

Our passionate professors are here because they truly love teaching. Their reward is sharing their hard-earned knowledge with motivated graduate students and watching them grow.


Keller’s classrooms are experiential proving grounds. Where professors challenge students to solve complex business problems. Working through current issues from real businesses provides perspective that can only come from experience. Sometimes we fail. But we always learn from it.

Keller is not limited to the four walls of the classroom. We go into the field, and bring the field back to us.

Keller Learn Loud MBA and MS program Learn Loud activities include:

  • Capstone Project
  • Study Abroad

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All students enrolling in the July 2014 through May 2016 sessions across every degree program and level of study are eligible for the Fixed Tuition Promise. For full details visit keller.edu/ftp.